Featured Skating Official: M.I.

Name: Melissious Intent, or more often M.I.

What’s your usual role or position?: Head Ref and usually Front Inside Pack Ref

Year you started officiating: 2013

Where are you from originally? Mt. Vernon, IL, but I lived more recently in Champaign, IL before moving to the Copper Country.

Name a fun little known fact about you: I was once a notorious skater, and was even ejected from a game for “malicious intent”.

How did you get involved with roller derby? My neighbor invited me to check out a brand new league that was forming in Champaign, IL back in 2010 and I was immediately hooked. I skated with Twin City Derby Girls until 2013 when an injury ended my skating career.  I joined TCDG’s Ref Riders soon after so I could continue to skate, but with less risk of injury.

How did you pick your name? A co-workers husband originally came up with it, and the spelling is a creative adaptation of my real name, Melissa. The obviously shortened  M.I. came when I was a skater, and it was easier to yell on the track.

What’s your favorite part of officiating? Being able to see amazing derby from an up close perspective that spectators never get to enjoy.

The hardest part?: Trying to watch all of the skaters all of the time, and somewhat anticipate where the action might happen so you don’t miss anything. Oh, and the 100 page rule book….

What is your pre-game ritual?  I don’t put my gear and skates on until as late as possible before the game starts.

Have you held any leadership positions in leagues?I’ve been on the Board of Directors, Training Chair, League Head Ref and Trainer and Fresh Meat Trainer.

How have those positively impacted your personal roller derby career? I enjoy bringing new people into the sport of roller derby and watching them grow from baby giraffes on ice into badass derby players. Nothing renews my love of derby like seeing something “click” for the first time with new skaters, or seeing a new skater play in their first bout.

What is your job outside of roller derby? And how, if at all, has it contributed to your experience of roller derby? Wait, derby isn’t a job? I’m a seasonal employee at Michigan Tech’s ski hill, Mont Ripley. There are several derby people and many fans that work there and enjoy the winter there. I’m never too far from my derby family, even in the off season.

What is your favorite space joke? I don’t know any space jokes? I could tell you a time travel joke, but you didn’t get it.

What is the best space-themed show, movie, or book? My personal favorites are Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 5, and Firefly

Bringing it back to earth, favorite places in the Keweenaw? The list could be pretty long, but a few favorites include Copper Harbor, specifically Hunter’s Point and Horseshoe Harbor, the Jam Pot (on the way to Copper Harbor, of course!) Nara &  Tech Trails, & Mont Ripley.