The Keweenaw Peninsula

Pronounced Key-Win-Naw, the Keweenaw is the beautiful peninsula in the northernmost part of Michigan. The uninitiated may be unaware that Michigan is made of two separate land masses: the Upper Peninsula (the U.P. or Yoop), and the lower peninsula.

There are uncountable things that make this area special—not only the U.P., but the peninsula within the peninsula, the Keweenaw.

Keweenaw is believed to be of Ojibwa origin, meaning “portage or place where portage is made”. The older locals tell us that Keweenaw means “to meet in the middle.” Either way, it makes a lot of sense.

For fascinating historical photos of the area, try a search for “snow” pictures in the Copper Country Historical Images (or “hockey”, but it’s only our second favorite sport).

History buff? Bridge enthusiast? Check out Keweenaw Crossing: Michigan’s Elevator Bridge.

Getting Around

First of all, the Keweenaw has one central road that runs its length, US State Highway 41. This highway runs from the northern tip of the peninsula in Copper Harbor, Michigan, all the way down to Miami, Florida. Similarly, there are two other routes that run along the north and south shores. Enjoy a long leisurely drive around the peninsula on these routes, dubbed the circle tour. Take this drive and spend some time enjoying the sights to fill an afternoon.

Additionally, there are endless miles of dirt tracks and logging roads spider-webbing across the Keweenaw. In the winter, some residents use snowmobiles as their sole means of transportation.

Don’t worry—we won’t make you leave the beaten path if that’s not your jam. The Keweenaw also has shopping, hotels, and fun local events to keep you downtown. Downtown Houghton and Keweenaw Info are great resources.

We can’t wait to see you!