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The Look of Keweenaw Roller Girls 2017

We’re rolling ahead and ready to rumble into the 2017 season

It’s cliche to say “ready to rumble” but it couldn’t be more apropos. Every season brings excitement and energy that has just about every derbyist bursting at the seams. Games, fans, hits, rookies. It’s all of the things that make this experience what it is, and part of that is the “performance” and how it looks to the spectators.

Every fall KRG meets to plan for the year ahead. We look at the community calendar, events, fundraisers, recruitment and health of the league, and we also look at what sort of theme or feel we’d like to capture for the year ahead when considering print and media materials. Our first season on the flat track we focused on fun iterations of movies and film. Second season, all business athletic captures; the actual derby players. Season three, celebrated the feminine mythical “creatura” that lives inside all of us. And this year, we’re going Keweenaw Old Timey!

Have you seen our team portrait? The Quincy Mine Hoist Association granted exclusive access to the Keweenaw Roller Girls to climb and perch ourselves in the giant man-car that historically was used to move copper miners deep into the mines. Inspired by a portrait taken in Calumet & Helca mines, with the help from Adam of Brockit photography, we recreated the picture with all the league members we could get.


Living in the Keweenaw Peninsula, there’s so much old history that it’s hard not to be influenced by it. There are many historical sites here, great native histories, and geological tales¬†that are silently told if you just look about you.

As we move into our forth season and simultaneously celebrate five years since our inception, we grab firmly onto the old stories of this place and celebrate it for it’s genuine uniqueness. If the Keweenaw Roller Girls existed in 1913, then this is what we think it would look like.¬†