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International Derby Excitement

The weekend of June 21: not only was it some of the longest days of the year, but it was also a momentous time for Keweenaw Roller Derby. For the first time, Keweenaw Roller Derby crossed the Canadian border to take on Thunder Bay Babes of Thunder. We all headed up on Friday, and the eight-hour trip flew by as it was non-stop conversation and laughter. The morning of the bout, most of the team ventured to picturesque Kakabeka waterfalls and walked around the provincial park- It was a perfect way to move about and see some of the wonderful natural beauty that Canada had to offer. We all came back together for an in-room taco party (you really can’t go wrong with a taco party), collected our thoughts, and rested for the bout.

Fittingly for June, the bout was Pride themed, and so we donned our rainbows and in typical KiKo fashion I did some wild rainbow bout makeup. When it was time to bout KRD took to the track with just eight skaters, some blockers going three or more jams in a row! Everyone skated with heart, pushed themselves, and nailed it. I am so proud of my team! Our bench coaches, Afro, Fifi, and Luna, were our rocks: they helped us hold it together in addition to keeping everything moving smoothly and communicating with us as to what needed to be done. This was one of the most exhausting games that I have ever skated (my teammates can probably agree) but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you, Thunder Bay, for the wonderful experience!

-Kim Kong