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Keweenaw Roller Derby 2023 Drop-In Info Session: Skate With Us!

KRD logo on a blue, cloudy sky with the text "Skate With Us! Sunday June 4 drop in 1-8 PM Calumet Colosseum" written in white.

Are you ready for an exhilarating and empowering adventure on wheels? Look no further! KRD is excited to announce our new skater info sesh, designed to introduce aspiring skaters and volunteers to the thrilling world of roller derby. Whether you’ve never skated a day in your life, have years of skating experience, or are somewhere in between—this session is the perfect opportunity to learn more about roller derby and have fun! 

Date, Time, and Location:
The new skater program will take place on Sunday, June 4th, from 1-3pm (drop-in) at the Calumet Colosseum located at 110 Red Jacket Rd., Calumet, MI 49913

Inclusive for All:
This session is open to anyone aged 18 and up, regardless of gender. While league skaters must identify as female or non-binary, the program welcomes referees and non-skating officials of all genders. Roller derby isn’t just about league skaters, it’s a collaborative effort that requires a dedicated team.

Group photo of the Keweenaw Roller Derby team in full skating gear striking fun poses.

Gear Fitting and Gear List:
When you consider starting roller derby, KRD understands that getting the right gear can be overwhelming. That’s why our experienced skaters have dedicated time to help you try on gear, determine your size, and provide you with a comprehensive gear list and info about our upcoming new skater program.

No Obligations:
We want you to feel at ease, which is why there are no obligations to join the team at the end of the session. It serves as an opportunity for you to explore the sport, learn some basics, and see if roller derby is the right fit for you.

Contact Information:
If you have any questions or want additional information about our new skater program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can email us at info@keweenawrollerderby.com.

So shake off those reservations, begin your skating journey with us this June 4th, and never look back! 

Photo courtesy Jim Dier Photography