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Keweenaw Takes a Win in Beloit

A very quick derby primer for the brand new fans: Derby bouts are played on a flat oval track in rounds called jams. Each jam, both teams field a jammer and four blockers. The first jammer to push, dodge, or jump their way through the pack of blockers is awarded “Lead” status and has the ability to strategically call off the jam. Some jams, the jammers go round and round to rack up points, while in others they grab four points and call it off before the opposing jammer gets any. Blockers impede the jammers by forming human walls and (sometimes) knocking jammers right off their skates!


While Keweenaw Roller Derby’s home season is going to kick off in just two short days, the team has already had the opportunity to flex those derby muscles on the road once this year. On April 27, we road-tripped our way down to Southern Wisconsin for a hard-hitting bout against the Beloit Bombshells. KRD took home a win with a final score of 161-178.


Beloit’s jammers proved formidable, gaining lead in just over half the jams. However, KRD spent the winter drilling offensive strategies and it absolutely showed; even when our jammers didn’t snag the lead position, we got them out of the pack and into position to force a call-off fast. In several jams, our non-lead jammers snagged more points than the lead jammers. Quite a feat!


Throughout the game, KRD’s communication was excellent. Skaters who have been with us for just a season or two have really found their skates and identified their strongest positions. Our crop of new skaters are jumping in smoothly and proving invaluable in our walls. The vets continue to push the team in new, strategic directions. As both a skater and a team trainer, I continue to be impressed by the flexibility and self-awareness of KRD. Everyone left the bout full of positivity, excitement, and with a long list of new strategies to try out – exactly the attitude you hope to see in a team!


Huge shout out and thanks to the Beloit Bombshells for being amazing hosts and to all of the officials who made this game possible.


MVP Blocker: I Love Skatin’

MVP Jammer: Smushella deVil

Stellar Bench Staff: Feline Fatale, Hex Bex, and Princess Bubblebutt


Look for us this weekend at the Dee Stadium where we’ll be keeping it low, slow, and hard hitting against Madison’s Team Unicorn!


~ Rowena Ragin’Claw