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KRG’s Second Season Winds To An End But Not Before An Upswing

Fall is here. In the great North of Upper Peninsula Michigan we find ourselves not only in the Copper Country, but also in Hockey Country. Our home arena has been iced over for more than a month now, and though there isn’t snow on the ground (yet) it’s well known that it’s time of year. We wind down by winding up with a focus on recruiting new team members, and training them post season until we take our holiday break.

This season’s Fresh Meat recruits are lookin’ better than ever. Strong, determined, and learning with such vigor and speed they’re keeping the veteran skaters on their toes. The end of this month they will graduate from the program and we will all take time off to spend with our families. KRG will return to full force training not long after the new year to prepare for another exciting season ahead for us. We’ll face off against Marquette’s Dead River Derby early at home to start us off and hope to experience tournament play this Summer along with our goal of obtaining Full Member League Status within the WFTDA.

In the meantime, in less than a week the WFTDA Championships are being held in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN. The greatest teams in the world will battle it out for the Hydra Trophy to be recognized as number one. Seeing as this is in our backyard (so to speak) several of KRGs league members will be traveling to witness some of the greatest roller derby ever to be played.  If we see you there, please give a friendly hello, and if we don’t see you and you wish to catch some of the action, the WFTDA Championships will be streamed online and the final day (Sunday) will be on ESPN3!

So until next time, we hope to see you out enjoying the Fall/Winter season here in the beautiful UP and we can’t wait for you to see how this team is shaping up with our new recruits!