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Season Closer Results in a WIN for KRD

The atmosphere in Houghton’s Dee Stadium was electric last Saturday night, as Keweenaw Roller Derby faced off against visiting skaters from Duluth’s Harbor City Roller Derby league. The bout was filled with exciting, close jams and skillful blocking that kept the substantial crowd on the edge of their seats.

Saturday night was KRD jammer Afro Disiac’s triumphant return to the track since breaking her finger in the May bout versus Team Unicorn. In spite of taking time off for surgery and healing, her moves were as inspired as ever: her footwork on point, and her strategy deft. This resulted in Afro being named MVP jammer for the home team.

Number 731 Kim Kong is also emerging as a double threat and force to be reckoned with for KRD: she is one of the rare skaters who is versatile enough to be an effective blocker and jammer. As a blocker, she provided some valuable offensive blocking; clearing the way for her jammers. As a jammer, she was often able to clear the way for herself and was in the position of lead jammer frequently. As a way to honor her skill as a jammer and blocker, HCRD skaters named Kiko best overall skater.

It was also new skater and Copper Country native FinnFire’s debut bout with Keweenaw Roller Derby. Her background as a hockey skater is definitely evident in her quad skating style, and although she only joined our Fresh Meat program in June, her skating is fluid, smooth, and strong. I’m personally looking forward to see where she’ll go on eight wheels!

Head referee Melissious Intent (or M.I. as she is affectionately called) as usual called a fair and controlled game. Her many years of experience in the roller derby community are an asset to us… thanks for keeping us in line!

HCRD was in the unenviable situation of having a short roster, skating with only eight skaters. Despite their short bench, the Duluth skaters fought hard and hustled admirably. One of our away bouts (in Thunder Bay Ontario) this season also saw us with a short roster of eight skaters- it’s not an ideal position to be in and is a true test of physical and mental fortitude.

The after party at Bill’s B & B was lively and fun. I think we’re lucky enough to say that KRD made some new friends on Saturday.

Many skated hard and left it all on the track. The score at the end of the bout was 151-83 for KRD.

This bout wraps up the end of our 2019 season. Gigantic thanks go out to our tireless volunteers and officials who have helped make this season (and those before it) the great success that it was. We truly couldn’t do it without you!


Keweenaw MVP jammer: Afro Disiac

Keweenaw MVP blocker: I Love Skatin’

Keweenaw overall MVP: Kim Kong

Duluth MVP jammer: Hanarchy

Duluth MVP blocker: Roadkill Bambi

x I Love Skatin’