Hittin’ the Road

Hittin' the road

Boy, the season really sneaks up fast. I feel like we wait all winter to get back on skates, and then the next thing you know we’re getting ready for season openers and travel games. We’ve been busy indoctrinating our newest skaters to bruises and rules intricacies in preparation for two tough games coming up for us. April 9th, we’ll pack our skates and head to Eau Claire, WI to play the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls; we’ve seen ’em, but we’ve never played ’em. Beyond the excitement of being our first game of 2016, we’ll have first-time bouting skaters on KRG’s roster, and it’s a Harry Potter themed double header! Hit it and Quidditch they call it. How fun is that?

Two weeks after that away game, KRG will be hosting our season opener on April 23rd at the Houghton County Arena. The Mid State Sister of Skate (MSSOS) will be making their way up from Steven’s Point, WI to play us in what will be an important, and very challenging bout. In this game we will be playing our WFTDA Apprentice League sponsor, they’ve helped us apply for apprenticeship within the WFTDA and have been immensely supportive in our growth as a league. We first met the MSSOS in September 2014 when we played their B Team, the Sweet Dairy Aires, and now we look forward to a heck of a game against their All Stars in just over one month. Wish us luck KRG fans and supporters as we embark on this exciting kick off to our third season here in the Keweenaw!