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First Match Up In 2017 with Marquette

This is our posse for the battle against Dead River Derby’s Superior Sirens this Saturday, June 24th. With an ebb and flow within the roster ( as is usually the case in a rural college town ) KRG has been working on communication and a¬†smarter not harder ethos. ¬†Defining language and terminology and building 1 on 1 connections on the track, has increased our ability to execute timed offense and more secure defensive strategies. As it is said, the only thing that is constant is change. Rosters can evolve, skater abilities can increase or decrease, but what ties it all together and keeps it whole is speaking the same language. And sometimes, our voices act quicker than our bodies. If we can’t get there, we’ll tell someone else to.

We welcome our rookie skaters, Glam Bam, Afro Disiac, and Amelia HitsHart, to their first away game, and look forward to an awesome match against our roller derby sistahs from the south.